Happy Hour- Room 118

Happy Hour- Room 118

5pm until 7pm, Wednesday through Saturday

Room 118 located on the Ground Floor of the Scenic Circle Southern Cross Hotel, 118 High Street.

$10 Coc
ktail Menu

Espresso Martini
Passionfruit Margarita
Whiskey Sour
Salted Caramel Mule
Raspberry Daiquiri

$7.50 Spirits

Absolut Vodka
Appletons Rum
Jamesons Whiskey
Tanqueray Gin
Jim Beam Bourbon
El Jilmador Tequila

$9 Wine

Sanctuary Chardonnay
Sanctuary Sauvignon Blanc
Tryone Estate Merlot
Sanctuary Pinot Gris
De Bortoli Shiraz

$7 Beer

Speights Gold Medal Ale
Speights Mid Ale


R20 venue. Open Wednesday through Saturday from 5pm.