For many people, Gambling is an enjoyable leisure and entertainment activity. As a result most people perceive casinos as good value and great fun. However for some people, gambling can become a problem. No longer enjoyable for them, gambling begins to create money worries and stress, which can affect their family members, relationships, health and work. 

Dunedin Casino is committed to best practice in the provision of responsible gambling. Accordingly, we have a commitment to provide a safe, secure and responsible environment in which members of the community are able to enjoy themselves.

Please contact a member of our management staff for more information. Your enquiry will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Specialist Problem Gambling Services:

Specialist problem gambling services are available, some of them 24 hours a day and seven days a week, where free and confidential assistance can be obtained:

  • Through a referral by us (with your agreement)
  • Through a direct approach

Please act now if you believe you have a gambling problem. Contact one of the professionals or organizations listed below.
We care and want to help

Who to contact:

Problem Gambling Helpline Toll free 0800 654 655 (24 Hour Service)
You may contact any of the following professionals on a strictly confidential basis:

Dunedin Oasis Centre is part of a team of Problem Gambling Centres throughout New Zealand run by The Salvation Army.

What Does the Programme Offer?

  • Information about problem gambling, its effects on family, friends and the community
  • One-to-one / couple / family counseling - available for the gambler, partner, family, friends and whanau
  • Education groups - targeting issues such as: what is gambling and how it affects the gambler, family and friends
  • Skill groups - we look at issues related to problem gambling such as: financial issues, time management, depression, anxiety etc
  • Support groups
  • Seminars - available for professional and community groups

Location of clinic and contact details:

Please feel free to contact us at anytime during office hours. Any information you may require can be sent to you and an appointment scheduled at the earliest possible time.

160 Crawford Street
Dunedin, 9016
Phone: (03) 477 9852

  • Oasis Centre for problem gambling
    140  Street, Dunedin
    Telephone 03 477 9852
    Hours of Operation - Mon to Fri 8.30am until 5.00pm
    Click here if you wish to email OASIS
    (This is a free service)
  • Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand
    Community House, 283-301 Moray Place, Dunedin
    Telephone 03 471 6172
    Hours of Operation - Tuesday to Friday 9am until 5pm.
    (This is a free service)
  • LIFELINE - Confidential Telephone Counseling
    Telephone 0800 543 354
    (This is a free service)

If would like further information, or wish to discuss your situation with us, please ask any member of our management staff.

Casino Freephone: 0800 477 4545
Dunedin Casino is committed to promoting responsible behavior.