What is Club Casino?

Club Casino is a free rewards program available to all customers 20 years or older. Members can earn points while gaming at Dunedin Casino, and can also redeem their points for cash, receive regular offers and discounts and can enter ‘member only’ promotions.

How does a customer become a Dunedin Club Casino Member?

To join Club Casino is free, customers must be 20 years of age, complete a membership application form and present it to a Host at the Club desk with the appropriate identification e.g.  Drivers licence, firearms licence or passport. Members will receive a Club Casino card to start earning bonus points immediately.

How does a member redeem their bonus points?

Members can use their Club Casino card throughout Dunedin Casino to redeem their points.

Gaming Machines – members can transfer bonus points to credits.

The Grand Bar and Café - members can redeem bonus points for food and beverage

Car Park - members can use their points to pay for Dunedin Casino’s secure car parking facilities

PLUS Bonus points can be redeemed for CASH!

Club Casino Benefits


  • Redeem bonus points for cash i.e. 1000 points = $10
  • Entry into member only promotions


  • $1 off house beer, wine and spirits
  • 10% discount on food form the Grand Bar & Cafe (exlcuding already discounted items and specials)
  • Redeem bonus points for dining and receive 25% discount  
  • Birthday meal deal *


  • Car parking $1 pr/hr in Casino car park
  • Discounted accommodation at hotel *

*conditions apply