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At Dunedin Casino we offer live action poker games, including what is generally considered the most popular poker game in the world today, Texas Hold’em.

This Guide will answer most of your questions about poker and explains the rules necessary to enjoy the games played by thousands worldwide, right here at Dunedin Casino.

How to Play

The aim of the game is for one player to beat all the other players and win the combined wagers or pot, by using their best five-card poker hand. This is achieved by showing either the highest-ranking hand at the showdown or a superior playing strategy (bluffing).

One hand of Poker consists of an initial deal and/or community cards and a number of betting rounds (depending on the type of game).  Players bet against each other’s hand.  A player may choose to withdraw from any round of play in poker if they don’t think their cards are good enough – this is known as ‘folding’.  By doing so you need not contribute further to the pot but instead forfeit all claim to the pot.

When you play poker at Dunedin Casino, the role of the Casino is simply one of host.  We provide a Dealer, the necessary equipment and a safe, controlled environment.  In return for these services, the Casino takes a small amount from the pot at the end of each round of play or during the course of a hand.


Players are dealt two cards face down.  The first round of betting takes place.  The first three of a possible five community cards are then opened simultaneously (Flop).  Another betting round takes place.  The fourth and fifth community cards (Turn and River) are opened one at a time and a betting round follows each.  At the showdown, the winner is the player with the highest ranking five-card poker hand using any combination of their two hole cards and the five community cards dealt.


Omaha is played the same way as Hold’em except players are dealt four cards face down.  At the showdown, the winner is the player with the highest ranking five card poker hand using a combination of any two of their four hole cards with three of the five community cards.

Poker Hands

1. Royal Flush – Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 all of the same suit

2. Straight Flush – Any 5 cards from the same suit in sequence

3. 4 of a Kind – 4 cards of the same value

4. Full house – 3 cards of the same value combined with 2 cards of the same value

5. Flush – 5 cards of the same suit

6. Straight – 5 cards in numerical sequence

7. 3 of a Kind – 3 cards of the same value

8. Two Pairs – 2 sets of 2 cards of the same value

9. One Pair – 2 cards of the same value

10. High Card – 5 cards of any value which do not constitute any of the above


Ante - A predetermined contribution to the pot by all players before any cards are dealt in a hand.

Bet - A player’s wager.

Betting Round - A complete cycle from the first person to bet to the last person to call.

Blind - A designated bet placed before the first card dealt. The blind is a live bet which can win the pot if it is not called or raised.

Call - Placing a bet equal to the highest legal bet in that round or going all-in if remaining chips are less than the size of the bet.

Check - Not initiating a bet or surrendering a hand, but retaining all rights to act in the event a bet is made. A check shall only be an option if no blind is placed or bet made.

Community Card - Cards dealt face upwards which can be used by all players to complete their best possible hand.

Dealer Button - A marker on the table which designates the dealer or last to act in a round. The button is moved one position in a clockwise rotation at the conclusion of each hand.

Fold - To Surrender a hand or refuse to call a bet.

Hole Cards - A player’s concealed cards.

Showdown - The revealing of each player’s hand still legally in contention for the pot after the completion of all betting to determine the winner of the pot.

Wager - An action by which a player places gaming chips into the pot on any betting round.



How to play Poker

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