Christmas Deepstack

Christmas Deepstack

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19 Entries

1 Rebuy





19 Entries into this years Christmas $330 Deepstack. After all entries and 1 Rebuy the prizepool was sitting at a very nice $6000.

In todays top 5 we had, Kirby, Dylan W, Dan H, Dean Mac, and Chris R.

Bubble today went to Dylan. Shoving K,6 Dan called with A,6. The communities came out Q,4,10,2,6 with Dan the lucky man holding out with the Ace high kicker.

Going out in 4th today was Dean Mac in strange fashion. Dean shoves with a small stack having 10,5. Both Kirby and Dan call with J,8. Dan and Kirby both check the rest of the way with the communitites being 2,9,4,4,6. Kirby and Dan ending up with a split pot, with Dean busting out. 

In third we had Kirby. Shoving 4,5 Chris R calls with 6,4. The flop comes out 3,Q,A the turn a 2 and the river also a 2. Kirby making a straight on the turn but Chris also making a Club flush with the 2 also being a club.

Final two now. Dan v Chris. Dan shoves with A,K Chris calls with K,7. The communities come out 3,2,6,6,Q. Dan holding on with the Ace. 

Congrats to Dan for taking out top spot in todays Christmas Deepstack.

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