Lady Luck Lydia

Lady Luck Lydia

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17 Entries

17 Re-buys

14 Add-ons

$2,160 Prize Pool 

17 runners for tonight's Big Blind Ante $50 Re-buy Tournament.

Starting with 13 players, increasing gradually up until break to 17. With one table seeing more action than the other however all running smoothly at this stage. Health E becoming the first casualty shortly followed by Carlssen.

Final table underway 2240PM. Lady Luck Lydia and Chris R busting out a couple of players each, Lydia becoming chip leader within the hour with close to $100K in chips.

Final 5 players - Chris R, Gary T, Lydia N, Jordan B, Mok H. Sadly, only the Top 3 players receiving a prize tonight.

For the next hour, chips moved around the table, with no-one making big plans on calling it an early night.

3rd place - Gary : All in (A-10) vs Lydia (8-8) cards coming down 9-5-9-4-3.

Less than a handful of hands later the final showdown of the night. Mok All-In pre flop out of turn (Q-7) vs Lady Luck Lydia (J-2) : Flop 9-3-5 Turn 2 River K. Lydia taking down the Tournament with a pair of Twos.

Thanks to all the players' coming down tonight and we will see you all again next week!

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